Why Do I Need Denali Night Nannies?

One word. Sleep.

We care for children of all ages, especially babies! What if you could get a few nights of real sleep per week? What if you got to enjoy your baby instead of nodding off through their first months of life? We all want what's best for our kids. Having a baby (or multiples) is a huge transition and most families struggle with the adjustment and lack of sleep.

Nobody is at their best on two hours of sleep. After giving birth, you spend your next months waking up with your newborn every 2 - 3 hours for feedings. Most parents spend that time of their child's life in a haze.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

Here at Denali Night Nannies, we give you the opportunity to choose to be alert, well-rested, and present instead of sleep-deprived.

Will you choose sleep or exhaustion?

Can You Help My Infant or Child Sleep Through the Night?

Yes! It's hard to be the parent you want to be when you're exhausted. Babies with poor sleep habits grow up to have issues with sleeping and concentration when they're older! We teach you how to create better sleepers, and in turn, happier babies! Do you want your baby to sleep 10-12 hours each night? Let us help you!

SLEEP COACHING: We work with older babies and toddlers! Our Sleep Coaching Program is an investment in your sanity so that you won't be spending the next YEAR trying to get your child to sleep through the night!

WE OFFER: Personalized Sleep Coaching Plans, Nursery Assessments, Environment Assessments, Night Routine Assessments, Sleep Pattern Assessments & Adjustment Plans, Sleep Plan Implementation Support (Phone/Email), Sleep Coaching Follow Up, and More!

Why Do I Need Denali Night Nannies if I'm Breastfeeding?

Nursing moms need sleep too! If you are breastfeeding, you can choose to pump, or your Night Nanny / Newborn Care Specialist can quietly bring in your newborn for feedings so you don't have to leave your bed! After your baby is done eating, you can immediately go back to sleep. Your caregiver will take the baby back to the nursery and take care of soothing, changing, and getting the baby back to sleep.

What Hours Do You Normally Have Care Available?

Typical hours for overnights are 9 pm - 7 am! We also offer Day Nannies and care for Nights Out! During the night, our Night Nannies take care of ANYTHING your little one needs so that you can sleep through the night. We do everything from diaper changes to outfit changes and from soothing to feeding. Our caregivers sleep while your baby sleeps and are awake and alert to care for your baby whenever needed!

Your Relationship Will Benefit

Becoming a new parent often takes a serious toll on relationships. It is natural to be nervous about new parenting capabilities. There may be new insecurities that come with your postpartum body. Having a baby creates a new set of hormone changes and now you get to add lack of sleep to that mix! It's hard not to be irritable when you're running on next to no sleep. Our Day Nannies, and Night Nannies are here to help with any children you may have!

By getting solid sleep even a few nights a week (or a few hours away from home), you'll spend less time arguing over who changed the diaper last and spend more time enjoying your children.

Your Older Children Will Benefit

Your older children also need time to adjust to the new addition to the family. Having a Night Nanny allows you to be more alert, rested, and attentive during the day time so you can spend more quality time with your older children.

Your Body Needs to Heal

Giving birth is traumatic. Your body needs time to heal, and getting up multiple times during the night is not going to help. If you're a single mom, you especially need your rest. Even if you have a loving partner, you both deserve real, uninterrupted sleep. You deserve a break and chance to recharge after the events you've been through. Our Night Nannies are here to take care of your little one(s)!

Will My Children Be Safe with Denali Night Nannies?

Yes! All of our caregivers have passed Pediatric CPR/First Aid certifications. All of our caregivers have had their Tdap shots. We also run background checks on all of our caregivers including a social security number trace and National Sex Offender Registry search. Your nanny comes to YOU and watches your children in the environment your kids are most comfortable in - your home! We are well-versed in newborn care, umbilical cord care, and can help teach you how to help your baby sleep through the night faster. However, please be aware that we are not equipped to deal with newborns that are born with medical issues. Please instead consider the services of a medical professional.

What Do I Need to Have Available for Our Caregiver?

All we need is what's required to keep your child comfortable and happy! Common items are diapers, wipes, and bottles, but if you have an awesome sound machine that your baby loves, make sure we have access to that too!

Do You Only Take Care of Newborns?

No! We have different services available for all ages, including care for Nights Out! Denali Night Nannies gives you a chance to catch up on your sleep, alone time, and regain your sanity! We can be available to you for your first week of motherhood or we can even cater to you during the first few years! A well-rested parent is an attentive parent.

Can I Put You On My Baby Registry?

Absolutely! The gift of sleep for new parents is priceless. Click here for more info!